Skinhead Army Sab Grey


Published: 2007


Skinhead Army  by  Sab Grey

Skinhead Army by Sab Grey
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So, weve had this book lying around for as long as I can remember. I can only assume that my wife picked it up at an Iron Cross show or something. After friends borrowed and read it, I decided maybe I should as well.This book seemed to be made of three main parts: an autobiography of the author, history of the skinhead scene, and cheese-stuffed pulp fiction.The main concept is that a new leader has emerged in the white power scene and is launching a plan at global domination.

An ancient Viking manuscript is the final key this leader needs to spark a race war. The hero of the book, Grey and his friends are not about to let this happen.I found a lot of interest in the fact that most of the areas mentioned in the book were familiar to me. I have consumed alcohol in many of the bars listed and my band has even played a couple of them. I am also familiar with a number of the characters in the book (both the autobiography and the pulp fiction portions) from the punk/skin scene in Baltimore.As for the pulp fiction bit of the story, I was not really impressed.

The good guys are just a bit too powerful and suffer very little in the way of injuries while demolishing their opponents thoroughly. It reminded me a bit of an old GI Joe cartoon. Yeah. The hero did get beat up a bit at one point, but if you read it you should totally understand what I mean.Another flaw is the fact that this book is written with the thought that only skinheads, former skinheads, or people very familiar with the skinhead culture will ever pick it up to read.

Although the author did give some history and fill in several blanks, some parts were just left floating around for the readers to either look up elsewhere or drop entirely and move on if they did not understand it.I did enjoy the historical sections, to include both Sab Greys band and the skinhead culture. Those were definitely saving graces for the band.

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